Principal’s Message – 10/9/2017

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians,

Today begins the scheduled conferences with your child’s teacher.  This is a very important meeting that we are excited to have in order to solidify the partnership between parent and teacher as well as give a preliminary status report on the progress of your child.  We always hold these 15-minute conferences towards the beginning part of the year to give each teacher the opportunity to celebrate the many strengths and accomplishments they see in your child as well as set tangible goals for your child to reach by the end of the year in areas that may need improvement. (If you need to schedule a longer meeting at a later time, please notify your child’s teacher.) All of these efforts are made in order for your child to reach their fullest potential, with the understanding that we can always improve the gifts and talents that God has given us. We take students where they are, and with your help, we work together to get them to a higher level spiritually, physically and academically. If you ever have any concerns, please bring it up to your child’s teacher first, and if something needs more attention, I am happy to join the conversation as well to resolve any issues. We are all in this together. There is no issue we can’t solve together in a respectful, open, honest, and peaceful manner.

If for some reason, you have not contacted your child’s teacher for a conference appointment, please do this as soon as possible.  We look forward to meeting with you this week.  As a reminder – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week will be “half-days” with a 12 NOON Dismissal. Day care will be available after school until 6pm as usual. There is NO SCHOOL for students on Friday, 10/13 and NO DAYCARE available on Friday only.  This week is also our Scholastic Book Fair. Please stop by the Library and visit. Thank you to all our volunteers for their help.

Mrs. Grey, Principal



(Be sure to always check and your child’s teacher’s blog for the most current information.)

  • Oct 9-12 – Scholastic Book Fair in Library and Parent Conference Week! Monday: Full Day, Tues-Thursday: NOON DISMISSALS
  • Oct 10 – First trimester progress reports finalized (to be discussed with teachers and hand-delivered at Parent Conferences)
  • Oct 10 – Virtus session in Spanish at St. Anthony in the evening (mandatory for all volunteers, keep up with monthly bulletins)
  • Oct 13 – NO SCHOOL OR DAYCARE for STUDENTS Professional Development Days for Teachers (1/22, 3/23, and 4/20 mark your calendars!)
  • Oct 14 – 9:15-11 2nd grade Parent Formation Meetings/Retreat with Sr. Tina Dinh in Hall
  • Oct 16-20 – RESPECT LIFE WEEK
  • Oct 19 – Field trip for Kinder and 2nd grade to Natural History Museum
  • Oct 20 – Fr. George’s bday on 10/22 (school to celebrate him on 10/20 at Mass)
  • Oct 20 – Junior High College Fair in the Hall at 9am After Mass (classes and parents invited to visit the university project displays)
  • Oct 21 – Goodwill Drive #1 9am-1pm at school (drop off items earlier or at garage that day to Mr. Pablo Flores)
  • Oct 23-31 – Red Ribbon Week
  • Oct 24 – Free Dress Tuesday for October Birthdays (due to field trips that week)
  • Oct 25 – Jr. High Christian Service for Life event at the Galen Center
  • Oct 26 – Musical Field trip 5th-8th grade In the Heights
  • Oct 27 – Musical Field trip 3rd-4th grade Big River at 11:45 am
  • Oct 29 – Mandatory Bake sale for grades 4-5
  • Oct 31– Halloween celebration, Students may dress in appropriate costume – Noon Dismissal on Tuesday after Trunk or Treat, Daycare till 3pm
  • Nov 1 – Wednesday Mass School Celebration of All Saints Day (Students and Faculty dress and process in as Saints) Holy Day of Obligation
  • Nov 3 – FALL PICTURE MAKEUP DAY: wear your FORMAL MASS UNIFORMS and don’t forget your vests, white shirts, and ties!
  • Nov 22 – Student/Teacher Volleyball Game at 10:30 noon dismissal (change at recess)



On October 10, 2017 there will be a Virtus training session (in Spanish) hosted in our Parish Hall. Parent/adult volunteers call ORE at (310-323-0860) for more info. Please arrange for CHILDCARE as the seminar is for ADULTS only.


Please donate what you can to help the Poor Clare sisters’ Mother house in Cuernavaca, which was damaged in the recent earthquake in Mexico. 50 sisters used to live there, now they cannot enter or live in the house. Anyone who donates may come to school in Jeans this Thursday, 10/12.


10/29 Grades 4-5, 11/5 Grades 6-7, 12/10 Grade 8. Contact Room Parents for more information. If you can’t attend your assigned date, you must sign up in advance with room parents in charge of the rescheduled date. Each family must do 1 bake sale a year. For multiple children, a maximum of 2 bake sales a year is required.


Please email Lucila Alejandre at, if you want to sign up to help maintain our bathrooms and school grounds. Thank you!


Parents – we will be celebrating All SAINTS DAY on Wednesday, November 1, and processing into church at 8am. All parents are of course invited to celebrate this special Mass with us and to celebrate the Saints as our children learn more about their lives. Students may dress up in APPROPRIATE (Guidelines below) costumes on Tuesday, 10/31 and join in our parade and fun events like Trunk or Treat! Costume Guidelines: Please be sure that your child is in an “Appropriate” Halloween costume without extremely violent, gory or inappropriate themes that could give a negative influence on our younger students.  Also – students may NOT cross-dress as part of their costume or bring weapons to school. Basic costumes of Ninja Turtles, Batman, Pirates etc. are considered appropriate and must be teacher-approved. If the staff considers something inappropriate – we will contact you.


All parents, guardians, students, faculty and staff, are expected to adhere to these guidelines as stated in the handbook (see Mrs. Grey’s attached letter.)

St. Anthony – Pray for us

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