Parent Resources – LAUSD Title I Parent Workshop


Below is info from our recent LAUSD Title I Parent Workshop, Eight Habits to Develop Critical Thinkers and Confident Problem Solvers. I hope the information shared was helpful and will equip parents to successfully support their student at home. 

I have included a PDF file of the PowerPoint presentation, as well as the posters that were hanging on the walls. 

Below is the link to the kid-friendly Math Practice Posters use on the LAUSD displays. The speakers only presented the K-1 poster in the workshop, but there are also versions for Grades 2-3, 4-5, and 6 via this link:

The Jordan School District in Utah has produced a series of posters explaining the Math Practice Standards in student-friendly language for grades K-6. You can download them here:

I hope that more of you attend our parent meetings in the future. All the workshops offered will enhance parent awareness of ways they can better support their student’s learning. We hope to present many of them at St. Anthony!

LAUSD Title I Parent Workshop – “Eight Habits to Develop Critical Thinkers and Confident Problem Solvers”

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