Special Notice for 10/13/2015:  There will be no choir rehearsal today due to the early dismissal. The choir info sheet says that there is rehearsal only on Tuesdays with a regular schedule. The choir will still be singing for Mass this Thursday, and on Thursday, October 29.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about our choir program.  Rehearsals for all choir members for the 2015-2016 school year will begin on Tuesday, September 22. To register for the choir program, please click here to view/print the sign-up form.

What is new or different about the program this year?

  • Choir is only accepting 30 students, there is a possibility of accepting 35 if necessary.
  • Choir is only open to 3rd-8th grade.
  • Rehearsals will be from 3:15pm-4:15pm.
  • Rehearsals will be held in the music room.
  • There will be more focus on individual voices. Last year the voicing of the choir was worked on as a whole. Having a smaller choir will allow for more vocal exercises and the chance to learn new music.

Why are 2nd graders not invited to join choir this year?

  • Priority is given to the upper grades since they have less time left in the school. Our rehearsal and performance spaces will not allow for more than 35 students so first we try to accommodate those who are closer to graduation to be sure they have the opportunity.

Is there a choir schedule for the year or trimester?

  • The choir schedule is no different from the school schedule. There is rehearsal every Tuesday except for Tuesdays in which there is early dismissal or no school. Choir rehearsal begins at 3:15pm which gives students a 15 minute break after school to eat a snack, use the restroom or drink water. Choir ends at 4:15pm and parents must pick up their children in the music room, if not they are sent to day care.

Will students be reminded/ called to go to choir?

  • There will be no announcement over the PA reminding students of choir rehearsal. As usual parents are responsible for reminding their children when they have choir rehearsal after school. There are too many students involved in our many after school sports and activities to be giving reminders for each one of them. The teachers usually dismiss the choir members to the music room after school for choir rehearsal on Tuesdays which serves as a reminder for the students.

What is the protocol when choir practice is cancelled?

  • An e-mail will be sent out to the choir parents before the week begins if practice will be cancelled. If there is a last minute cancellation it will be announced over the PA during the school day to allow the students enough time to call the parents. This would only happen in a rare situation but it will be avoided at all cost and an e-mail will be sent to parents.

Will students be able to join in the 2nd or 3rd trimester?

  • Yes, if there is space available other students from 3rd-8th grade will be able to join. An invitation will be made to students interested in joining and a fee deadline will be given to them after joining.

What will the fee per student go towards this year?

  • The fee is to keep the school choir and to have one or two school choir parties during the year so that students can celebrate their participation in choir. The school was preparing to cancel School Choir because there was no financial help to make it possible. Having a fee also helps parents and students make more of a commitment. It helps remind school families that choir is not just a free Tuesday day care but that it is an after school program that is provided for students to grow in their appreciation for Music and their vocal skills. The school choir is one of the most affordable after school activities the school offers because we want to be sure the students have a chance to participate. A day in our after school day care costs $8 per student every day, every day in school choir is a little over a $1 per student since it is $30/month and we meet twice a week, Tuesdays for rehearsals and Fridays to sing for the school Mass. There will also be a few events the choir will be singing in during the school year which parents will be informed about ahead of time. Overall, the fee is to help the school pay for this great program that the students love.