Eighth Grade

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Mrs. Navia is excited to start a new school year. She is a dedicated Vice Principal and teacher of St. Anthony de Padua School. She has been part of our school for five wonderful years. She is currently the 8th grade homeroom teacher and provides 6th, 7th, and 8th rigorous Math and Science lessons. She takes pride in being the safety coordinator ensuring that all staff and student know what to do in case of an emergency.

Mrs. Navia has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from California State University Dominguez Hill with an emphasis in Mathematics, Spanish BCLAD Credential, a California Teaching Credential and Masters degree in Leadership at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Mrs. Navia is the youngest of 9 siblings and the first generation college graduate and she is proud to share that, with the help of God she has been able to reach her goals and is constantly setting new goals. She hopes to inspire our students to continue higher education.

Mrs. Navia has been happily married to Mr. Navia since 2004, outside of the classroom she enjoys playing softball on a co-ed team at Mas Fukai Park, visiting Disneyland and playing with her dogs.

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Mrs. Navia’s Email: anavia@stanthonygardena.org

02.13.2018 ELA

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