Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty and Staff are dedicated and committed to ensuring that students are educated in a supportive and safe environment.

For more detailed organization information, please see the following documents:

Mrs. Angela Grey
Email: agrey@stanthonygardena.org
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Mrs. Alicia Navia
Vice Principal and Eighth Gr. Home Room
Email: anavia@stanthonygardena.org
Ms. Rebecca Strohm
Email: rstrohm@stanthonygardena.org

Ms. Natalie Lozano
First Grade
Email: nlozano@stanthonygardena.org

Sr. Tina Dinh
Second Grade
Email: tdinh@stanthonygardena.org
Ms. Genesis Garcia
Third Grade
Email: ggarcia@stanthonygardena.org

Ms. Angelica Gomez
Fourth Grade
Email: agomez@stanthonygardena.org

Jamison Mahar
Fifth Grade
Email: jmahar@stanthonygardena.org

Ms. Janell Evangelista
Sixth Grade
Email: jevangelista@stanthonygardena.org
Mr. Steve Perry
Seventh Grade
Email: sperry@stanthonygardena.org

Mrs. Jessica Garcia
Music and Theater
Email: jgarcia@stanthonygardena.org
Ms. Monica Rubalcava
Physical Education and Daycare
Email: mrubalcava@stanthonygardena.org

Ms. Carolina Doughty
Kinder Aide
Email: cdoughty@stanthonygardena.org

Ms. Sarah Ray
1st Grade Aide and Afternoon Daycare
Email: sray1@stanthonygardena.org

Ms. Lourdes Islas
2nd Grade Aide and Daycare
Email: lislas@stanthonygardena.org

Ms. Maria Grimaldo
Administrative Assistant
Email: mgrimaldo@stanthonygardena.org

Mr. Carlos Aguilar
Finance Secretary
Email: caguilar@stanthonygardena.org

Mr. Pablo Flores