Mission: The mission of the Performing Arts Department at St. Anthony of Padua School is to offer a high quality Performing Arts education by engaging students in theatre, music, and dance.

The Performing Arts Program enables students to celebrate the arts, explore their creativity, and share their talent with our community. Our goal of producing excellent performances instills major life long lessons among students such as: working together, becoming empathetic toward others, and striving towards their personal best.

Being involved in Performing Arts is about:

•   Faith: Learning to have faith in others, working together, and problem solving.

•   Hope: Performing our personal best at all times so we can achieve our goals.

•   Love: Striving toward empathy, compassion, and kindness to all people.

•   Joy: Expressing creativity through many different disciplines to glorify our Lord.

Most importantly, in all that we do and perform, we hope our actions and performances point to God and show His goodness and love for His people.

Class Description: Music and the Performing Arts are designed for students to learn about music, theatre, and dance in a group setting.  In addition to performing through singing, instruments, and theatre plays, they will also be taught basic music theory as well as the history of music, theatre, and dance.  Succeeding in Performing Arts requires hard work, dedication and a desire to succeed individually and as a group.
Music: The students will learn musical theory, the basic elements of music (expression, rhythm, form, melody, timbre, texture and harmony), music performance, composing, music history and study how music connects to the world.  Students will also sing music for Mass and rotate with their class to lead the congregation in singing at Mass on Friday.  In the Spring students (K-5), will perform in a musical show for their end of the year project.

K-8 Grade Music Students Will:

–       Read, notate, listen to, analyze, and describe music, using music terminology

–       Sing, perform, and create varied types of music

–       Compose and arrange music with different melodies and variations

–       Analyze the role of music in past and present cultures throughout the world

–       Critically assess and derive meaning from works of music according to the elements of music

–       Apply what they learn in music across subject areas

–       Develop creative skills in problem solving, communication, and time management

–     Perform a musical classroom show (K-5)

–     Develop skills in instrumental music through violin, guitar, piano (6-8)

–     Lead the congregation in singing at Mass on Friday