School Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy 3
Mission Statement

St. Anthony of Padua School is a Catholic elementary school operated primarily to meet the religious, moral, intellectual, social, cultural, physical, and psychological needs of its student
to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

The school, as a faith community centered in Christ, is committed to the transmission of the ideas and values of Catholic doctrine and Christian culture to each student looking to the image of Christ as its role model

Philosophy Statement

Since quality education demands an environment in which learning is appreciated and respected, the administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students are dedicated to the task of creating a learning environment. St. Anthony of Padua School recognizes that a successful environment requires self-dMission and Philosophy 1iscipline, which is fostered and encouraged within the basic framework of the curriculum

At St. Anthony of Padua School, students learn that they are responsible to themselves to develop their  potential and God-given abilities so that they accept the consequences, both good and bad, of their free choices.  Students learn that they are not only individuals gifted by God but also members of an imperfect society in which they learn to exist, not by conformity, but by striving with others of good will to build a better world.

All school personnel recognize the unique gifts of each student and realize that building self-esteem by developing programs that afford opportunities to share these talents is extremely important. Success instills confidence and a positive attitude allowing growth of each one’s special God given talents.Mission and Philosophy 2

The administration, faculty, and staff recognize and accept their role as partners with the parents. Acknowledging the parents as the primary educators, school personnel make time to communicate with the parents and offer concerns, support, and encouragement in dealing with any problems that affect the child.