Third Grade

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Megan believes that she is a product of multiple communities of love and support. She was raised in Modesto, CA and attended public elementary and middle school and a Catholic high school. With a strong desire to attend a college with a small community and a big heart, Megan attended the University of Portland for her B.A. in Elementary Education and credential in Special Education. She worked to see “Christ in her midst” through volunteer work with children and the homeless population. While studying, she had the opportunity to volunteer in many different classroom settings, mostly in Title I and underperforming public schools. When volunteering with a high school summer school course for refugees and immigrants, Megan realized that she could not separate her Catholic roots from teaching and guiding her students. She taught Catholic religious education classes to children receiving the Sacraments of Initiation and found a love of leading her students to follow Jesus. After graduation, Megan was accepted into Loyola Marymount University’s PLACE program and is earning her Masters in Special Education. Megan previously taught 1st grade in the Archdiocese and is excited for the new opportunity to build a community of learners and leaders at St. Anthony of Padua.

Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him. –C.S. Lewis

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Ms. Fraser’s Email:

September 25

Hello families! Weekly Review will be due on Friday. Spelling words are "mighty, highest, frightening, tricycle, highlight, spied, ninety, invite, describe, wildcat".   We will have a Chapter 7-9 quiz on Third Grade Angels tomorrow. As always, we will have our Word Study test on Thursday. I will have a substitute on Thursday for the morning due to a … [Read more...]

September 20

Hello families, Word Study test will be tomorrow. On Monday, we will be taking the Unit 1 Math test. Homework and extra credit will be due on Friday. Tomorrow is picture day! Please wear Mass uniform tomorrow as well as Friday. Scholastic book orders are due on Friday ( or print copies. … [Read more...]

September 19th


Hello families! Homework is continuing to work on Weekly Review. The Weekly Review and extra credit is due on Friday. We'll have a "Third Grade Angels" quiz on Wednesday. Picture Day is on Thursday. Make sure you're wearing your Mass uniform. Just a reminder for the boys, that only pants are allowed for Mass uniforms (no shorts). Scholastic Book Order is due on … [Read more...]

September 18

Homework for this week will be the Weekly Review in Math and Reading. My hope is that these combined is not more than 1 hour of work per day. Let me know if there are issues, I am happy to modify. If completed sooner than 1 hour, feel free to supplement from reading or ST Math. This week there is an extra credit opportunity for their "Spelling" grade! The maximum points they … [Read more...]