Martial Arts

SAP_Instructor_2Professor Angie Abad earned her 5th degree black belt, under Grandmaster Girle Abad and the late Shizu Allen Abad, in their family style of Hung Gar Kenbo.  Hung Gar Kenbo is a combination of Kajukenbo, Wushu, Kung Fu and Taichi.  This blend is unique to the Abad family and A.M.A.I.K.A. (Abad Martial Arts International Kajukenbo Association).  She also earned an 8th degree, Professor, in Kajukenbo. Professor Angie has won numerous championship and has appeared in the top martial arts magazines, she has also been inducted and honored at Masters Hall of Fame, Martial Arts History Museum and the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Currently, as co-founder of Abad Mancia Martial Arts, Professor Angie shares her family’s martial arts and Hula with her community.  Her intent is to bring people together through Aloha and to experience Ohana.