Sixth Grade

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Janell Evangelista is excited to become the new 6th grade homeroom teacher for the upcoming school year! She will be teaching English Language Arts teacher to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Social Behavior with a minor in Education from UC, Irvine. She also recently graduated from a Combined Masters and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program from Cal State, Fullerton in December 2016. Miss Evangelista has 6 years of prior experience working with diverse groups of children as a recreational leader, tutor, instructional aide for special need students, and substitute teacher. She feels very blessed to now have this incredible opportunity to teach the students here in Saint Anthony of Padua!

Miss Evangelista has been a parishioner at Saint Anthony of Padua since she graduated from high school. Having attended Catholic private schools throughout her elementary and high school career, Miss Evangelista was able to build a strong academic foundation, enhance her confidence in her abilities, and deepen her connection with God. She believes it is her calling to teach and help instill strong, Catholic values within her students. She wants to use the skills she learned from her program to challenge students’ critical thinking process as well as their academic skills. She wants to provide them with the encouragement and support they need not only to succeed in school, but in their life as well.

She imagines her classroom to be a center for young curious minds. She believes that the classroom should be a center for discovery – a place for students to discover the world and to discover themselves. She wants her students to apply what they learn inside the classroom to the world outside of the four walls. Learning never ends with the ringing of the school bell.

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2.22.2018 ELA

Hi 6th Graders! For homework you will need to do the following: Highlight the Vocabulary words for Chapter 2 in your Esperanza Rising book Fill out Vocabulary Worksheet for Chapter 2 --> use context clues from the novel to make an educated guess of what you think each word means Ms. E … [Read more...]

02.14.2018 ELA

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 6TH GRADERS! Your homework for today is to finish highlighting vocabulary words from Chapter 1 of Esperanza Rising. After you finish finding the vocabulary words, fill out the Vocabulary Worksheet I gave you in class. Make sure to clearly follow the directions on the worksheet. Just a reminder on Friday, you will have a Fluency quiz on our 10 High … [Read more...]